a new piece of music

My previous job didn't leave me with much free time or creative energy, so I basically stopped working on music around 2007. Fortunately, my new gig permits a better work/life mix (and living 4 minutes from the studio -- instead of 45 -- doesn't hurt), so I've started producing some tunes again. This track has some rough edges, and melodically it's kind of a one-trick pony, but hopefully it's the start of a new period of relative sonic fecundity.


  Miss Mercury by Brian Prince


Six-and-a-quarter minutes, Detroit-influenced melodic techno.


some creepy fan art

I recently finished David Nickle's wonderfully creepy novel, "Eutopia", and felt compelled to whip up some fan art. Done in Sketchbook Pro and Painter 9.5, on my Toshiba Tablet PC.

This is my first blog entry in a few years. I'm hoping that getting a blog going again will help motivate me to sketch and experiment more in my free time. We'll see how that goes ...

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